Although the United States is generally advanced when it comes to most topics of concern, it joins the Philippines as the only two countries to still use cash bail. While many human rights experts and organizations agree that cash bail shouldn’t exist because it discriminates against the poor, learning about the different types of bail bonds is a good idea for people who live in or are planning on visiting the United States. Here are a few different types of popular bail bonds and what makes them unique.


Cash bonds are both the simplest and most popular type of bond. After judges set arraignees’ cash bond limits, people related to or otherwise affiliated with them post their own cash or sign with bail bondsmen for them to post bond for them. In the former situation, people who put money down to bail people out of jail are given back their money if accused criminals appear in court. People who pain bail bondsmen to get them out of jail will always fail to recover their investments because they simply pay interest on the total amounts that bondsmen place.


These bonds are very similar to cash bonds. Rather than posting cash, owners of property post their assets to courts of law. A major difference between property and cash bonds is that property’s valuation is not always agreed upon by courts and the owners of such properties. This sometimes makes property bonds undesirable.

One’s Own Recognizance

Personal recognizance releases aren’t technically bonds by definition, though they can essentially be equated to bonds that don’t require any assets to be placed in the interim ownership of courts of law. Being released on one’s own recognizance are, in other words, “free bonds.”


Citations are a type of release that keeps accused wrongdoers out of jail. While people given citations do have to appear in court and generally pay fines, they can’t get actually bonded out unless they fail to pay those fines or go to court. One way that these fees makes citations not bonds are that such fees aren’t given back after people show up in court.

Nobody wants to see themselves or loved ones go to jail. However, countless Americans do, in fact, land up in the slammer. If you read up on these types of bonds, you’ll make the process of learning how to bail someone out of jail Scranton PA that much easier.

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