If there is one thing a prospective timeshare owner doesn’t think about while listening to a sales pitch for a glamorous condo in a resort setting, it’s timeshare cancellation.

To hear of all the wonders that come with timeshare ownership (according to the polished salesperson who is giving the pitch), you’d think anyone who’d want to get rid of their timeshare would have to be out of their mind. Why would anyone give up a gloriously glamorous condo in a resort-style setting that comes with the chance of increasing in value down the line?

Less Than The Idealized Picture

The answer to that question, unfortunately, is a lot of timeshare owners. Contrary to the idealized picture of timeshare ownership put out by the person who is trying to sell off shares in the resort condo, owning a timeshare can come with some problems. For many people, while the idea of scheduling in time to use the condo with the other owners sounds fairly simple, the reality is that many owners find that they’re unable to book times that work for their family, like during the hectic holiday season (when everyone wants to get away). For other owners, the timeshare can be something that’s used less and less as children grow up. It’s at that time that many owners decide they don’t want to keep making maintenance payments on a property they rarely use.

The big problem comes in for many owners when they decide they want to sell off their share in the property, but then realize they’ve signed on to an ironclad contract with fine print they didn’t really understand. This has become such a common problem that now many legal firms have made this area a specialty.

The fact is, no one should be stuck in a contract that’s impossible to get out of. So, if you are experiencing problems getting rid of a timeshare, consider consulting a legal expert today.

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