Crimes happen anywhere in the world and sometimes, you are not even aware that you have already committed one. Do you know that crimes do not always involve deadly weapons, such as guns or knives? There are those who can injure or kill an individual by simply using his fist. But, of course, not every human being is capable of using his fist to harm other beings because of respect for one’s life.

People are committing crime because of violence and that is considered as an assault. It is done intentionally even without physical contact. For example, you are threatening someone with words or actions, so that is considered as an assault. But, depending on the severity of the offense done, it may then fall as an aggravated assault in Texas. So, you will be charged with a criminal offense and needs a criminal defense lawyer.

What is an Aggravated Assault?

An aggravated assault is a stronger act of an assault using various types of deadly weapons. This is, of course, a crime in Texas and I strongly believe that this is considered as a crime wherever you are in the world. No human being in the right mind would like such crimes to be legal because if that happens, then every individual will be filled with fear.

As a human being, we must know how to respect other people and avoid facing this criminal offense. Do you know that you may be charged with this crime if you will intentionally make any individual seriously injured, hurt a pregnant lady or a child, causing others difficulty in breathing and assaulting a police officer? We have a law in our country and a person, who is facing an aggravated assault offense must face the jury and let the court decide for the verdict.

Elements of an Aggravated Assault

If you intentionally created an apprehension to any individual, then that is considered an element to be considered as an aggravated assault. Why would you like someone to fear you, anyway? In my opinion, you are heartless for doing such. For example, when someone blocks your way, you do not need to say anything strong for that person to clear your way. You can always say things politely and in a nice way, right? Instead of letting someone pee in his pants and make his toes shake just because of fear that you may hurt him when he don’t follow you.

When you use your force or a deadly weapon to cause someone seriously injured, then that is considered as an aggravated assault. Whoever the victim is, must get a lawyer and file charges to the accused because your life was already at risk and you should not just let that situation pass.

Defenses to an Aggravated Assault

As an accused of a simple or aggravated assault and as a human being, you still have the right to have a criminal defense lawyer. You may look at this site to find the best law firms in Texas. Your lawyer will help you out of your case and will defend you throughout the hearing of your case. The defense will be very helpful, especially when you have the consent to harm someone. For example, when you engage yourself in martial arts or boxing. Of course, you may hurt an opponent, so they cannot charge you with an assault.

You will also have a very strong defense, when you do not really know that you harmed a police officer, who is not in his uniform when the act was done. Another is that when you injured a pregnant lady, but you were not aware of his current condition.

Self-defense is also a very good defense to an aggravated assault, so you really need a good lawyer to help you with this. If you are just protecting yourself that is why you injured someone, then that is really justifiable and a reason for you not to be charged with an aggravated assault. You are just considering your safety, so you have to defend yourself, especially if you are shouting for help, but there is no one to come and help you. In this case, you really need a professional’s advice and guidance.


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