Oftentimes, people will consult with a personal injury attorney and quickly be turned away. Those who have their cases turned down can feel overwhelmed, frustrated and very lost. If you or someone you love was injured, you might think you have a case and any lawyer would be willing to take you on as a client. Unfortunately, not all lawyers take on all cases. Before you are able to find a good lawyer to work with, such as the ones found at personalinjuryvancouverportland.com, below are some common reasons why some clients initially get turned down by lawyers.

How The Accident Happened

One of the first things lawyers ask before deciding whether or not to take on a case is how the accident occurred. In order for your lawyer to be able to hold someone else financially responsible for your accident, there has to be proof that the other party did something wrong or negligent to cause the accident. It is not always enough that an accident which caused injuries happened on someone’s property or business premises.

Injuries Are Not Serious

Many lawyers have clients who come to them wishing to get compensation for “almost” getting killed or seriously injured. Unfortunately, an “almost” accident is not legal grounds to get compensation. Personal injury lawyers are going to gauge expected recovery costs and time to determine if a case is valid to take on. Claiming speculative damages for injuries will not help you get a lawyer to take you on as a client because they will not have any real evidence to work with.

You Have Met With Multiple Lawyers

If a lawyer suspects you are meeting with multiple lawyers just to determine who is going to promise you the most compensation, they might not want to work with you. Personal injury attorneys care about getting you what you deserve from your injuries. They are not working to get you a payday and get you more than you deserve.

Choosing the right personal injury attorney for your case is crucial to get what you deserve after an accident. Always take your time speaking with a few lawyers before choosing one to work with. If the first lawyer you meet with doesn’t think you have a case, try again with a couple more before giving up.

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