When you have been wrongfully accused of a crime, you have a finite amount of time to defend yourself and clear your name. You have to build a case that will prove your innocence and exonerate you of all of the charges for which you have been arrested.

However, building a case that you can defend yourself with can be difficult if you represent yourself alone. You may find it better to hire legal counsel to guide you. By retaining a law firm, mediator, or criminal lawyer fairfax va defendants like you could have a better chance of beating the charges and starting your life anew after being cleared in court.

Learning about the Legal Specialties

When you need a lawyer to defend you, you want to make sure he or she practices in the area of law tha pertains to your case. You do not want to hire a business lawyer, for example, to defend you against felony drug charges. You need a lawyer who has argued and won cases like yours dozens of times in the past.

When you visit the website, you can read about the types of cases that the firm has worked in the past and identify with those that are similar to yours. Based on the experience of the law firm, you could feel more assured about hiring the attorneys to take your case. You also may be more ready to participate in your defense so you can help beat the charges against you.

Scheduling a Consultation

Before you put a lawyer on retainer, it is natural for you to want to speak to him or her first. You want to know the lawyer is empathetic to your situation and will know how to defend you successfully.

You can use the information on the website to schedule an initial consultation with one of the attorneys in the practice. You can then meet with him or her to ask questions or have concerns addressed before you head to court. You will be at ease working with the lawyer in charge of your case.

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