When you get arrested, you usually have limited access to the telephone. It is important to use your phone call wisely. You want to use the phone call to get someone to call a bondsman Arapahoe County Colorado company. Unfortunately, your loved ones may not have the money on hand to bail you out of jail. Read on to find out how to choose someone to post bail after an arrest.

Meet the Age Requirement

If you do not have the money on hand, then you are going to need a co-signer. A co-signer must sign documents and take responsibility of the accused. He or she must have valid identification. Your co-signer also must meet age requirement, which is 18 years or older.

Must Have Collateral

Some bail bonds are secured by collateral. Examples of collateral include credit cards, cash, cars, jewelry, boats and houses. You want to choose someone who has access to your property or has assets to put up. Collateral is returned when the trial is over. If the defendant fails to show up in court, then your collateral is seized.

Must Trust the Person

Some defendants have the assets to pay bail, but need someone to post the bail. In this scenario, you are giving the co-signer access to your assets. You must understand any refunds given back by the bondsman will go to the co-signer. It helps to choose a co-signer that will return the assets to you.

Good Candidates

It is common to want to just get out of jail after an arrest. However, you have to think clearly. Who would make a good co-signer? If you are married, then the first call goes to your spouse. Your spouse shares your assets and wants to keep them within the relationship. If you are not married, then you should call your parents. Most parents do not want their children in jail and will do what they can to get them out.

It is important to end the cycle of going to jail. Your first arrest should be your last arrest.

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