Contrary to popular belief, bail bonds have actually been around for quite some time. The first instances of trading payment in exchange for being released from jail date back to the early days of England, in the 13th century. There was a perceived need to level the playing field among the various classes of the population when it came to being accused of crimes and how they initial punishment was dealt with. Obviously, those in the lower classes did not have the financial means to pay all of the bail themselves, which is where bail bond agents came into existence.

Bondsmen devised the plan of charging a percentage of the bail as a fee in exchange for paying the entire amount of bail on behalf of the prisoner. Previous to this practice, only people who were wealthy enough to pay all of the money upfront were eligible to be released from jail until their court date. Inspired entrepreneurs, however, soon realized that if they could secure enough capital, they could arrange to pay the bail amounts on behalf of the defendant as it is currently done.

While the laws and traditions of bail bonds have changed over the years in this country, the practice has been around ever since the founding of the country. If you are ever thinking to yourself, are there bail bonds near me ? The answer is almost assuredly yes. There are very few places in the United States where bail bonds are not allowed. In fact, it has become such a popular service that it is actually considered a growth business.

Bail bonds may not be something that you think about all that often but they can come in very handy when you need them. Although it goes without saying that hopefully you never do.

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